Social Media is one of fastest growing online marketing channels with opportunities for a huge variety of businesses, organisations and industries. The key is understanding your market, selecting the right channels, using available resources effectively and producing creative and engaging content that offers genuine value to your audience.

Why Choose Reload for Social Media Campaigns?


Our focus is on strategy, market and audience analysis, effective ongoing management, analysis and measurement, and producing valuable and creative content.

With experience of working with businesses and organisations ranging from high street fashion and cosmetics brands to B2B companies, charities and recruitment companies, we know what channels, promotions and content will and won’t work for your business. Our ongoing social media services are fully flexible, whether it be upfront strategy development, one-off  Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, ongoing support and content creation or full training.

Our Approach to Social Marketing

Reload Digital has extensive experience in planning, creating and managing social media campaigns across a diverse range of industries in the UK and Europe. We believe that every social media campaign needs to begin with an understanding of your market, competition and audience across all social mediums. We do this to identify the most suitable networks, tactics and content and to provide recommendations and guidance for their implementation and measurement.

Content Planning & Creation

Content Planning & Creation

Development of content schedules, provision of recommendations and guidance or creation of content itself to maximise interest and engagement with your social media profiles.

Consulting & Training

Consulting & Training

One-off or regular consulting or training to develop tactics on an ongoing basis and develop your team's capabilities in social media management.

Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Highly-targeted paid marketing to reach your specific target market, build your social media presence, promote competitions and promotions, and drive brand awareness.

Monitoring & Support

Monitoring & Support

Assisting you in the monitoring of your social media profiles, providing direction for outreach and phone support as and when you need it.

What our Clients Say

Cafe Direct

"We required a proactive approach to increasing brand awareness and acquiring engaged customers, who were familiar with our products. Not only did they produce great results, Reload’s friendly team were always on hand to discuss daily developments and provided expert analysis throughout."

Irina Negoita, Communications Manager - Cafe Direct

Joel and Son

"Reload Digital has perfected the art of digital marketing and customer service, their friendly approach and think outside the box mindset make them the only digital marketing solution you need."

Coby Bull, eCommerce Director - Joel and Son Fabrics

School of Wok

"Thanks to the strategies implemented by Reload we have seen a considerable increase in our sales. We’ve worked with different agencies in the past and Reload stands head and shoulders above the rest."

Jeremy Pang, Founder & Head Chef - School of Wok

Still have questions about social media marketing?

Read our FAQs below, get in touch on 020 7734 8273 or fill in the form below.

  • Why should I start with a Social Media Strategy?

    At Reload Digital we believe the starting point should always be a clear social media strategy, roadmap and content plan, as a lack of situation analysis, audience analysis, direction and planning is a very common downfall of social media marketing. The initial investment in this has a great deal of value, including covering the following areas:

    • Situation analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Audience identification
    • Objective setting
    • Tone of voice/Persona
    • Channel selection
    • Profile design and optimisation
    • Follower building
    • Outreach and engagement tactics
    • Integration with wider marketing
    • Day to day management and Tools
    • Content recommendations and calendar
    • Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis
  • What Costs are Involved in Social Media Marketing?

    Following on from an initial full social media strategy, investments are typically in the following areas:

    • Social Media support and advertising management, either ongoing or ad hoc
    • Social Media advertising spend (paid direct to the social media channels)
    • Content Creation
    • Potentially running competitions or promotions on Social Media
    • And potentially also subscriptions to and social media management tools you wish to use

    As competition continues to increase on social media it is now essentially to use social media advertising to build your following and to promote your content. And when putting budget behind your content it is worthwhile investing in the creation of high quality imagery, video and articles.

  • Can Reload Digital manage my social media profiles for me?

    When it comes to the day to day posting of content on your social media profiles, responding to engagement from your audience, and having ongoing conversations with them, we believe that this is always best coming from the brand themselves.

    This allows for the fastest response times, the most accurate responses to questions and queries, greater ability to transfer connections from online to offline, and an increased ability to be reactive to topical events and press/media coverage.

    However, Reload Digital can provide the following:

    • Training and guidance in the tools and best practices required to master your own social media community management.
    • Ongoing social media support, content creation, analysis, recommendations and reporting to assist your in-house resources.
    • Recommendations of agencies we partner with to provide a solution for you if you do not have an internal resource or the opportunity to hire one.
  • Can social media generate sales, leads or enquiries?

    In short, yes. There are three key factors that make all the difference:

    • Locating your audience and reaching them in the right places (e.g. Facebook is unlikely to generate B2B leads, but LinkedIn has great potential to).
    • Investing in social media advertising to reach your audience.
    • Nurturing relationships and capturing data.

    For generating new business, social media typically serves to build awareness, recall and interest for your brand, rather than resulting in immediate sales/enquiries/leads. There is therefore the need to attract these interested individuals to follow and engage with you on social media, to visit your website (enabling you to use remarketing to target adverts to them at a later date), and to provide contact details for you to add them to a mailing list. This will enable you to remind and convince your audience once they are in your marketing funnel.

  • Should business be using social media advertising?

    In short, yes. With so much competition on social media, with social media users being increasingly selective about who they follow and engage with, and with social media channels themselves limiting businesses’ natural exposure in order to drive advertising revenues, social media advertising is now critical to social media success.

    This is however an exciting opportunity. Social media channels have so much information about their users that it is possible to target adverts, extremely specifically based on your target audience’s demographics, interests and behaviours. For example, a children’s clothing brand would be able to target ads to mothers who have children within a specific age range, or a business consultancy would be able to target adverts to owners and directors of businesses of a certain size, industry, and location.

    With social media advertising already available or imminent on almost all social networks, it is one of the most valuable digital marketing options. Advertising is now available on:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram

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