Increase in Online Sales
Return on Investment for Pay Per Click Campaigns

“Thanks to the strategies implemented by Reload we have seen a considerable increase in our sales. We’ve worked with different agencies in the past and Reload stands head and shoulders above the rest”


Increase online performance and turn School of Wok's website into a sales-driving vehicle.

Following a disappointing Christmas period, School of Wok enlisted the SEO services of Reload Digital in March 2014. By the summer, the website was performing extremely well with increases in organic traffic and first-time visitors to the website. As attention turned to the all-important Christmas period, Reload were set an extremely challenging target, of increasing year-on-year Total Revenue, for December, by 25%.



With the gauntlet thrown down, Reload devised a holistic Digital Strategy that ensured the website was working much, much harder for the business. Reload’s approach was to integrate itself as the School of Wok’s Digital Marketing Partner, providing a high level of client service and support. By truly understanding the eCommerce shopping experience from the perspective of the customer, Reload were able to convert would-be browsers into buyers.

Through the long-term impacts of search engine and conversion rate optimisation, and the more immediate impacts of pay per click advertising and the leveraging of PR exposure, the ambitious target was smashed a week early, on December 23rd. In fact, by the end of the month Reload had increased Total Revenue, year on year, by 38%. For a growing business, this level of growth was a fantastic launch pad into 2015, where results have continued to climb.


  • Utilising Google AdWords to generate and capture interest for both B2C and B2B service offerings
  • Seasonal advertising campaigns in order to capitalise on peak periods
  • Pro-active social media advertising campaigns to maximise the impact of media coverage and event appearances
  • Remarketing in order to drive first-time actions and repeat business
  • Using data and insights from School of Wok’s digital marketing to help fuel wider business designs

We have a great business relationship. Reload certainly understands our business and always have the perfect solution to our queries.

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