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What makes good customer acquisition content?

When we speak of transactional content for ecommerce brands, we mean the content that provides all the information a consumer needs to complete their purchase. It defines all the core details of your brand's products, including their benefits and a description of what sets you apart from your competitors. Essentially, it tells a customer "this is why you should buy this product and this is why you should buy it from us." Good customer acquisition content is clear, comprehensive and persuasive.


How Reload approaches lower funnel content

The Reload approach to using content to drive on-site transactions begins with detailed analysis into what other brands are doing in your competitive landscape and the gaps that users are finding with your current content. Improving the transactional content of an ecommerce site typically centres around optimising the product pages and PLPs, however, it also covers delivery & returns pages, FAQs, payment information, store locators and trade pages, as well as email or ad copy.
Our Process

Strategising purchase-driving content based on detailed analysis into...


The competitive landscape

When it comes to this stage of the funnel, your prospective customer will be comparing different shopping options, whether they're weighing up between different products or between two sellers of the same product. You therefore need to use transactional content to tell them why they should buy from you. Nailing this comes down to an understanding of what other competitors or stockists are doing, so you can tailor your content to improving on what they offer and highlight.

Customer surveys

The best way to identify what content will make customers feel more inclined to purchase is to ask them directly. We find customer surveys an invaluable experience, as you can understand the exact make/break factors that are influencing your customers' decisions - in their own words. The findings from this can then be used to create content tailored to the exact questions users have.

Current on-site behaviour

Transactional content and positive UX go hand-in-hand. The omission of optimised, comprehensive copy can often be a major barrier for purchase, so we use user behaviour monitoring tools like Hotjar to identify user experience gaps that should be plugged with content.

A global network of specialists.

A global network of specialists.

Acquisition Content Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good PDP?

Product pages need to describe/demonstrate the product, answer any questions the user may have and convince them to purchase. Your description should highlight what the product does, how it does it, who it's for and how to use it. The page should include a prominent explanation of product/brand USPs - what sets this product apart from others on the market and why should consumers buy from you? Using a range of visuals, ideally including videos or GIFs will help to show rather than tell the quality of the product. Incorporating positive reviews puts the benefits of the product into the words of an external party, which is highly persuasive.

How do you measure success for customer acquisition content?

The impact of successful transactional content is not just shown through the bottom-line results you see in terms of number of transactions, revenue and average order value. Its success is also trackable through the bigger-picture impact good content can have on other channels and tactics. For example, product pages that contain highly optimised content will perform better on Google Shopping, thus increasing metrics like ad impressions and driving more users through the door. Boosting the quality score of your collection pages through content improvements will lower your cost per click and help your paid search campaigns work harder. We like to closely monitor a wide range of metrics that are directly affected by customer acquisition content, to make sure that our optimisations are on the right track for success.

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