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  •  Words by Laura Barr - Senior Content Manager & Leader of Reload Creative

The secrets of successful community-building digital content

Takeouts from TellyCast’s Digital Content Forum

The difference between growing an audience and growing a community (and why more e-commerce brands should do the latter)

An audience: a consumer of your content, as opposed to a participant. Think of someone watching a Netflix show… For the most part, they are being spoken at and their interaction is not necessarily required.

A community: a two-way street and open conversation with your user base. Good community content is designed not just for but by your community, based on real-time feedback and digital discussion.

Why leverage digital content?

So, what does good Community building content look like?

Finisterre places themselves firmly at the heart of the ocean activist community using interviews with leading voices

Foot Asylum’s “Locked In” series hosts content perfectly tailored to their community

Red Bull’s brand identity has never been ‘just about the drink’

Thoughts from a brand community leader: Cameron Parker from The Dairy & Lyre’s Spirit Co

“Brand community should be a business strategy which every person from every department should champion. It’s not about B2C or B2B it’s F2F (friend to friend). In today’s world, finding your tribe is more important than ever. We seek human connection and if a brand can help nature that connection, then it can be incredibly powerful and rewarding for all. 

A strong brand community increases customer recognition, word-of-mouth marketing, customer loyalty, brand credibility and can lower marketing costs. I have personally worked on a brand where we invested zero dollars in advertising. All energy went into community building. When you have a close relationship with your customer it can really help drive huge efficiencies in NPD."

Laura Barr - Senior Content Manager & Leader of Reload Creative
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