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Reload by s360’s Affiliate marketing services are proven to drive incremental awareness and revenue for your business. As often one of the most efficient profit-driving channels, we find Affiliates can contribute between 15% to 30% of total revenue due to strong conversion rates and be a powerful tool in creating brand awareness and credibility.

Our expert affiliate marketing team will curate a programme tailored to your business and customer, leveraging our extensive publisher mix, platform expertise and affiliate relationships to drive the results that matter most to you. Whether that be voucher code sites, influencer programs or Linkby articles, Reload by s360 will navigate through the many affiliate options to drive success for your business.

Unlock high impact Affiliate Marketing Management

Build impactful Affiliate campaigns that drive brand awareness and conversion by partnering with specialists across a diverse range of networks. Access Affiliate Marketing experts across top publishers, including Rakuten, AWIN, Webgains & Impact.

Whether it's scaling Skinny Tan's sales whilst meeting ROAS targets, or helping Finisterre reach new audience segments whilst protecting brand sentiment, we’ve got the experience to build a winning strategy and attract top publishers through regular outreach, quality creative and the right commission structure.

What's next for your brand?

The Affiliate Marketing Agency for leading brands

Our Affiliate Marketing Approach

In the digital age, Affiliate marketing has emerged as a potent means for businesses to expand their reach and drive sales. For brands seeking to leverage the power of Affiliate Marketing, partnering with a specialised agency is a game-changer. We implement well-rounded strategies that embrace publisher diversity, promote cost-efficiency, foster brand awareness, drive conversions, and harness the influence of brand ambassadors.

Embracing a clean and integrity-driven approach

We place integrity at the core of all operations. By adhering to ethical practices and maintaining transparent communication with partners, affiliates, and clients, we foster brand trust and authenticity. This clean approach not only ensures compliance with industry regulations, but also builds long-lasting relationships that are beneficial for all parties involved.

Incremental growth through publisher diversity

We understand the importance of diversifying your publisher base. We collaborate with a wide range of content creators, bloggers, social media influencers, and niche websites to tap into various demographics and markets. This diversity allows for incremental growth brands gain exposure to new audiences.

Promoting cost-efficiency

We know that every marketing dollar counts. Our affiliate experts tailor commission structures to align with the your budget and sales goals, ensuring that the cost of customer acquisition remains manageable. This cost-effective approach allows brands to maximise their return on investment (ROI) while scaling their affiliate program effectively.

Elevating brand awareness

Affiliate marketing is known for driving conversion and ROI, but it is also a powerful channel for boosting brand awareness. We partner with publishers who mirror your brand values, widening your audience reach and boosting your brand's credibility. This strategic brand exposure builds a strong brand identity in the minds of potential customers.

Driving conversions with targeted strategies

Driving conversions is the ultimate goal of any affiliate marketing campaign. We leverage your data to identify top-performing affiliates and optimise campaigns for maximum return. This focused approach ensures that affiliates yield a higher conversion rate, translating into increased revenue for your brand.

Fuelling your Affiliate Marketing with innovative MarTech

Reload Growth

Planning Methodology
We fuel our affiliate marketing campaigns with a toolbox of strategic planning frameworks, crafted over 15 years of partnering with big, complex brands. Whether it's budget season or you’re reforecasting targets, launching into a new region or refreshing your brand communications, s360 innovative solution's will help add an additional layer of strategic thinking.

Reload Measure

Reporting Suite
How good would it be to streamline your in-house and agency affiliate marketing reporting? We'll create reporting efficiencies by tapping into our suite of reporting tools as well as benchmarking your performance against our 500 global clients. Get ready to join trading calls, field questions from finance or perform EOM budget reviews with minimal fuss.

Reload Innovate

Always-on Innovation
While our R&D team don’t don white lab coats, they do keep our Affiliate Marketing Specialists armed with new ways to help you stay ahead of your competitors. We plug AI, machine learning and new tech into your marketing. Tried and tested innovation, accumulated from the thousands of channels, platforms and brand campaigns we manage every day.

Partnering with leading affiliate networks & top publishers

Why Reload by s360

Specialists in Affiliate Marketing for global brands

At Reload by s360 we partner with the best around by sitting at the heart of the eCommerce, digital marketing and media landscape. What that means for you is your Affiliate Marketing Specialists are part of the top 1% of Rakuten & AWIN partners, along with a stack of other affiliate marketing platforms.

We know though that being affiliate marketing specialists isn't enough. Growing an international, omnichannel consumer brand is complex and requires different types of expertise. You'll be able to combine channel experts with market and category experts too. This means plugging a North America or APAC specialist into your team to help grow market share in a new region or adding a beauty, fashion or premium expert who knows what it takes to make your brand a category leader.

"Reload have elevated our digital marketing strategy in a sustainable way, and taken our affiliate activity to the next level. Would highly recommend the team."
Emma Little, Global Head of Ecommerce & Digital, Skinny Tan
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Frequently asked questions about partnering with Reload by s360

Why do brands need an affiliate management service? 

Brands require our affiliate management service to unlock the value of affiliate marketing. Through strategic partnerships and precise performance tracking, we ensure incremental growth, enhanced brand awareness, and overall success in the digital landscape.

Who are the main parties involved in an affiliate marketing programme? 

In an affiliate marketing programme, the key parties involved: 

  • You, the brand: seeking growth
  • The affiliates: driving performance
  • The network: facilitating tracking and tech 
  • and Reload by s360's expert team: orchestrating success.

This collaboration forms the foundation of a powerful relationship that drives brand awareness and fuels growth.

What is the difference between an affiliate marketing agency and an affiliate marketing network? 

The distinction between an affiliate marketing agency like Reload by s360 and an affiliate marketing network lies in their roles. We, as an agency, provide end-to-end management and strategy, ensuring brand growth. Meanwhile, networks facilitate the ability to reward affiliates with a flexible commission strategy, via a tag on your site.

How do we show affiliate marketing is incremental to your digital channel mix?

Demonstrating affiliate marketing's incremental contribution to your digital channel mix is our expertise. As an agency, we have the benefit of industry insights at our disposal, which we leverage to benchmark your channel’s performance against. We also look at various attribution models that showcase its direct impact on sales, traffic, and other key metrics, validating its essential role in overall success.

Can I speak to Reload Digital about other digital partnership services, such as working with influencers and brand ambassador programmes?

Absolutely, Reload by s360 offers a comprehensive range of digital partnership services, including influencer collaborations and brand ambassador programmes. Our tailored strategies ensure your brand receives maximum exposure, engagement, and growth through these dynamic avenues. Feel free to reach out to us to explore these opportunities further.


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