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Increase in Customer Acquisiton from PPC
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“Reload really took time to understand our business and created a sophisticated marketing campaign that started to deliver results almost immediately”


Growing the ihateironing customer base, with 100+ new customers every month

Matt, the founder of ihateironing, approached Reload in March 2014 with the intention of expanding the businesses customer base considerably over the following 6-12 months. Reload’s approach was to develop a clear customer definition of ihateironing target market and, most importantly, how they behaved online.


Following thorough market research, it was clear that many people used location-specific searches when finding a dry cleaning service and, in order to prise customers away from bricks & mortar dry cleaners, it was vital to sell the convenience and quality of the online service. These two tactics formed a central part of our approach, and working in collaboration with ihateironing, numerous landing pages and content assets helped ensure the campaign immediately met the objective of 100 new customers per month via PPC, and one year after launching, the campaign was achieving 400 new customers per month on a consistent basis.

ihateironing were soon able to expand into other markets, servicing greater London and moving into other UK towns and cities, with Reload able to suggest new markets based on search volumes and market trends. Beyond the management of advertising campaigns, Reload were also on-hand to provide feedback on website performance, the user experience of the ihateironing app and how the business could service its customers better both online and offline, particularly as the market became flooded with competitors.

Reload continues to be ihateironing’s digital marketing partner today, going above-and-beyond in order to ensure the business continues to grow.


  • Utilising Google AdWords to find potential customers online, sending them to an appropriate landing page
  • Ensuring high levels of improvement through ongoing campaign optimisation and refinement
  • Assisting ihateironing with the creation of the ‘perfect’ customer journey, through the website and the app
  • Aiding business expansion by researching potential demand in new markets
  • Adapting to a more competitive market with new tactics, messages and ways of thinking

We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we have without their support. In summary Reload are really great people to work with and they deliver great results.

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