#GrowWithTwitter Agency Event – London Film Musuem

#GrowWithTwitter Seminar, London, June 25th 2013

Myself and Paul were lucky enough to be invited to the Twitter Advertising seminar at the rather swanky London Film Museum in Covent Garden. I was so excited I was literally about the 3rd person to show up and after being given my name badge, floated around the lobby admiring the venue and comical #hashtags the event handlers had put up including the ingenious bathroom sign below.

Twitter Toilets - #GrowWithTwitter Event

After the designated coffee-downing-and-free-merch period we made our way to our seats (where there was more free stuff!) and got acquainted with our neighbours. Soon enough the opening video began booming across the screen (watch below) followed by an introduction from MC Stephen McIntyre (Twitter EMEA Online Sales and Operations Director).

The morning consisted of 15-20 minute talks from various staff members at Twitter and guests, rounded off by comedian David Schneider. Much of the content as you’d expect involved advertising on Twitter through promoted Tweets, hashtags and accounts and it was nice to see some real-world examples from guest speakers including Sharon Flaherty from Confused.com.

Despite being slightly more angled towards clients and businesses with bigger budgets, there was a lot of useful information to take away (I have summed up some of my favourite takeaways below). There was a keen focus on how Twitter can be integrated with TV and how each programme and advert has their own Twitter DNA that triggers bursts of Tweets leading to wider online coverage of the program in question.

Did you know: 90% of online conversation about TV happens on Twitter?

Did you know: 40% of all UK Twitter traffic at peak TV viewing time is about TV (secondsync.com)

Aside from that, there was an excellent segment on how businesses (even small ones with little resource) can capitalise on breaking news or human interest stories with personality and good timing. Conversely, by being a little humourous and a good sport in PR crises, you really can turn bad press and to your advantage (see examples below). This is probably the most impactful thing I took away from the day.

Situation #1: Smart Car Bird Poop

Synopsis – On June 17th 2012 Clayton Hove sent the below Tweet which got some attention:

Tweet to SmartCar (Bird Poop)

SmartCar USA are obviously good at monitoring social media chatter because they responded with this:

SmartCar Tweet Response

Situation #2: Nando’s “Fergie Time”

Synopsis – In the wake of news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement (Manchester United’s long serving manager famous for intimidating referees around the country and seemingly always acquiring extra stoppage time in times of need) Nando’s announced their stores will be staying open an extra 5 minutes that night…

Nando's Tweet - Fergie Time

Key Takeaways from the day.

  • 80% of UK Twitter users access on mobile [Tweet This]
  • Twitter is the shortest distance between you (@) and your interests (#) [Tweet This]
  • If Twitter were TV, hashtags would be TV channels  [Tweet This]
  • Businesses need to identify their unique perspective/voice on Twitter to gain followers  [Tweet This]
  • When people watch TV they often have a second screen near them (mobile, tablet, laptop) – consider “cross marketing” [Tweet This]
  • TV shows and adverts all have unique “Tweet DNA” – certain moments will incite more tweets than others [Tweet This]
  • Use Twitter DNA data from secondsync.com to your advantage when filming future ads  [Tweet This]
  • Topical/timely Tweets work incredibly well – how can your brand capitalise on breaking news stories? “Always-on marketing moments”  [Tweet This]
  • Twitter product cards allow you to post rich product tweets with lots of specific info allowing customers to buy directly [Tweet This]
  • Success on Twitter = #rightmessage #rightaudience #righttime  [Tweet This]

This event really was well put on and flowed brilliantly from start to finish where @davidschneider did a wonderfully funny Twitter-based observational comedy routine with a focus on the core inhabitants of Twitter…

David Schneider's Comical Twitter Map

The really good thing about the event was that there was next to no hard-sell (in fact I came away thinking I still don’t know how to implement promoted Twitter items) and because of the focus on what others have done successfully and the awesome results they have achieved, I am far more intrigued to check it out. Additionally there was no smarmy “we’re the best” implication or smack talk about other advertising platforms, they simply let the results do the showing off.

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