Reload Round-Up (5th July 2013)

Here we summarise some of the big stories in digital and pick out our favourite articles from the past two weeks. Follow us on Twitter (@reloaddigital) for announcements of the next installment.

How PR Pros Can Master The Art Of Search Marketing

SEO and Digital PR - How they can work together

Author: @STMKent
Date Published: 26th June 2013
Link: How PR Pros Can Master The Art Of Search Marketing
Description: Sharmin has nailed the idea that the gap between PR and SEO as a way of producing & promoting content and attracting shares/links is decreasing. Working in tandem, the digital marketing and PR teams can get substantial rewards together for the good of their client but unfortunately in most cases these two are siloed and incommunicative. Build and nurture that relationship today!


Why Content?

Why does every digital marketing strategy start with content?

Author: @missrogue
Date Published: 26th June 2013
Link: Why Content?
Description: As Tara Hunt says in her opening line, “all roads lead back to content”. The fact is nowadays content is key to success, whether it be SEO, PR, Social Media, Conversion Optimisation, Lead Generation etc. but good content requires time and money and sometimes those resources don’t exist in plentiful supply. This article explains clearly and convincingly why content should be viewed as an investment, and the awareness and engagement can create customers for life.


I’m Swapping CEO Roles with Wil Reynolds of SEER

Rand Fishkin (Moz) is swapping CEO roles with Wil Reynolds (SEER Interactive)

Author: @randfish
Date Published: 27th June 2013
Link: I’m Swapping CEO Roles with Wil Reynolds of SEER
Description: Two of the most influential online marketing businesses are swapping CEOs for a week! Moz and Seer Interactive spearheaded by friends Rand Fishkin and Wil Reynolds respectively are continuing their plight to be as transparent as possible by swapping roles for a week. No doubt there will be a lot of interesting takeways from the experiment – something I am really looking forward to hearing about.


How Giving Away T-Shirts Made Me Over $500K in Revenue

Marketing strategy - Give away free t-shirts

Author: @sujanpatel
Date Published: 12th June 2013
Link: How Giving Away T-Shirts Made Me Over $500K in Revenue
Description: The story of how one company used branded merchandise (in this case, tee-shirts) to strengthen the business, attract new customers and please existing advocates. A really nice read in theory, although this tactic will only work for a small sub-set of businesses in practice.


Google Changes Ranking Advice, Says Build Quality Sites Not Links

Google recently changed it's advice to webmasters - shares not links

Author: @rustybrick
Date Published: 19th June 2013
Link: Google Changes Ranking Advice, Says Build Quality Sites Not Links
Description: A change to Google’s official advice to webmasters was quietly rolled out recently which could give clues as to the way Google’s ranking algorithm could be heading. The key message is essentially “do not build links; invest your time in building great, and above all useful websites that people love to share”. With the buzz around content and inbound marketing this year many smarter marketers have realigned their goals towards this already but it is good to see Google putting something official out.


How to Choose the Right Type of Facebook Contest

Choosing a Facebook contest type

Author: @eernoult
Date Published: 1st July 2013
Link: How to Choose the Right Type of Facebook Contest
Description: Great article if you don’t know what the options are or don’t know whether to do a sweepstake, instant win contest, photo contest, fan vote, quiz or test.


‘Multi-Week’ Google Update Happening Now, Says Cutts

Google update rolls out over 2 weeks

Author: @CCrum237
Date Published: 25th June 2013
Link: ‘Multi-Week’ Google Update Happening Now, Says Cutts
Description: Not content with one ball-busting algorithm update recently, Matt Cutts has stated that this roll-out could continue over multiple weeks. This has somewhat been confirmed by news from Mozcast who recorded an all-time-high algorithm flux temperature on 25/6/2013. We’ll see what impact this has in coming weeks.


Twitter bans auto-following and bulk following in new developer updates

Twitter update bans auto-following

Author: @carlfranzen
Date Published: 3rd July 2013
Link: Twitter bans auto-following and bulk following in new developer updates
Description: Twitter bans auto-following and bulk following in new developer updates. Should make Twitter interactions more genuine and will make brand and personal followings more genuine as you’ll know that you don’t just have a massive following because people auto-followed you back or followed you as part of 1000 others, but because they actually decided to and wanted to follow you. It may mean that it is more difficult to grow a following as quickly, but it is a move towards quality over quantity.


Instagram Videos: This Week in Social Media

Social media news roundup

Author: @CindyKing
Date Published: 22nd June 2013
Link: Instagram Videos: This Week in Social Media
Description: Instagram videos: a nice addition and simplifies the creation and sharing of videos. Opportunity for brands on Instagram to do even more and be more creative than images allow.

Update to Facebook Insights: Still being rollled out, but old appearance was a bit old fashioned and specific details weren’t where you expected to find them. Should be a good improvement.

Facebook allows you to attach photos to comments: respond with photos, potentially makes discussions more interesting and colourful, but could also take up loads of space with rubbish.

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