Google AdWords & Landing Pages

Targeting keywords effectively and writing compelling ads are two obvious ways to put an AdWords campaign in the best position to succeed. But don’t forget to consider the ‘landing page’ you point your ads to as well.

Just as it sounds, the landing page is the page on which someone who clicks on your ad ‘lands’. And one of the big mistakes people make is to use their home page as their landing page.

Consider this: if you were in a supermarket and told someone you wanted to buy some milk, you’d be pretty hacked off if they took you all the way back to the store entrance, and told you that as well as milk, they also stock fruit, veg, meat, pasta, etc, etc. Or if they pointed you off in the direction of cheese – which might be in the same ‘Dairy’ category as milk – but is still not what you actually asked for.

The same is true in AdWords. If someone has typed in a specific keyword, then clicked on your ad, they will expect you to take them to a page which answers the question they have asked you. They don’t want to be taken to an irrelevant page, or to your home page. And by sending them there, you run the massive risk that they won’t bother to navigate their own way to what they’re after, they’ll simply hit the back button and click on another ad, which actually does give them what they’re after.

So – wonderful as your home page might be, make sure it’s relevant to your consumer’s query before using it in your AdWords campaign. Otherwise you might generate lots of clicks which simply won’t convert. Which means a big hole in your marketing budget, rather than the great return on investment that you should be able to generate from AdWords.