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Thinking Beyond Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Quick Wins For Marketing Managers Leading Up To Xmas/ Boxing Day Sales.


Sigh of relief! We did it, the busiest week’s of the year for marketing managers leading up to Black Friday are behind us… let the festive season begin! To prep for your Christmas & Boxing Day marketing plans, we’ve put together 5 key takeaways from BF/CM you should consider to optimise your festive strategies:

Actively Segment For Conversion

You’ve likely now got a tonne of new prospects and shoppers who have opted into marketing and subscribed to newsletters (they wanted those BF/CM codes and GWP’s after all) but now that you have access to these shoppers, what should you do with them? Send mass blanket emails and ads to everyone telling them about your Christmas and Boxing Day sales?….LOL, no.  

Customisation and personalisation are more important than ever for conversion and segmenting based on behavioural actions is a great way to speak to your potential customers to get them to take action via paid ads and email. Here are some segmentation ideas you could gather from your BF/CM intelligence:

  • BF/CM first time purchasers: These first time shoppers are new to your brand and still making judgements based on their first purchases but have showed no signs of loyalty. Offering them a follow up incentive and suggesting related items to their first purchase could be of interest to encourage this segment to become repeat purchasers.
  • BF/CM discount shoppers: We all have them, shoppers that will only purchase with a discount code. If it’s right for your brand, give the people what they want… send this segment a special Christmas promotion code to get them back for the festive season. It means you’re not giving discount codes out to the entire database but you’re also not missing out on savvy purchaser revenue. Of course, we can’t be dishing out discount codes all the time and it can in fact be damaging for some brands so this segment does not work for everyone.
  • BF/CM abandoners who have not purchased: These shoppers were SO close to purchase but we lost them in the last few minutes. Remind these window shoppers of the items they left in their carts during BF/CM with dynamic emails and ads offering them a follow up incentive to recoup lost sales.

*All segments should be GDPR & PECR compliant and users should be opted into marketing.


Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

It’s a fact, we shop on mobile and BF/CM sales show no signs of this trend slowing. If we’re shopping on mobile, we should be considering mobile marketing plans. Take a look at your BF/CM campaigns. Did most of your Google Search traffic come from mobile? Should you be optimising ads specifically for mobile, adding mobile site links and mobile ad extensions? Did conversions come from m.facebook or m.instagram? Adjust social click spend to be weighted more heavily for mobile. 


Turn Seeds Into Seedlings and Seedlings Into Flowers (Growing CLV)

Looking at CLV is important, but given the amount of fluctuation in behaviour over the BF/CM weekend it’s also important to consider how you can move shoppers along their customer journeys to actively increase their CLV’s during the festive season. 

Think of your prospects as a seed, they need to be watered and nurtured to turn them into something with potential like a seedling…. (first purchaser). Seedlings are great, but if you really look after it, you’ll eventually grow a flower (repeat purchaser)…now that’s worth watering.  You’ve likely got a whole heap of new seeds and seedlings over the BF/CM week, use this festive season to turn them into flowers.

  • Seeds into seedlings: Retarget website browsers who did not purchase during BF/CM and serve them brand awareness ads via socials and display. To prep them for Xmas/Boxing Day conversion, serve ads containing product reviews and credibility checks. You can then monitor engagement with this first ad and create secondary ad audiences based on this engagement serving a second ad with a strong CTA to ‘Shop Now’ ensuring your ££ are optimised for an audience with intent to buy.
  • Seedlings into flowers: BF/CM first time shoppers are about to receive their products from your store (if not already), now is the time to serve them ads and emails with related products and offer an incentive for a repeat purchase during the festive sale period.
  • Bees: BF/CM created some loyalty too (customers with 2+ purchases) and you’ve now got bees who are spreading the love to grow other flowers! Incentivise bees by offering great rewards for referrals. I.e friends and family offers (a great one for the Xmas period during gifting seasons)


Capitalise On BF/CM Trends

Seems obvious but we’re all time poor and sometimes need a reminder to take a step back to really look at what the data is telling us. Festive strategies should be created based on sophisticated analysis and facts, not instinct. Spot peaks and troughs throughout your BF/CM campaigns as well as your campaigns from last year to ensure your time resources and ad spend is allocated correctly.

  • What times were peak for shoppers? If you’re limited to ad spend with search ads you may want consider optimising bids to these times to ensure you have enough click spend to outbid competitors on search during peak times.
  • Did particular products perform really well? Were there patterns formed showing popular items being bundled together? Promote these products in your ads for Christmas & Boxing Day in gift packs.
  • Which channels brought in the most sales? Adjust time and budget resources to reflect what you know from the data, don’t spend 80% of your time and budget on Facebook Ads if they only accounted for 10% of revenue.
  • Spot what motivates your audience by analysing their order dates. You may have had sales running for an entire week across BF/CM, but did your audience wait until the last day to make their purchases?  Adapt to their behaviours, create a ‘deal hour’, with extra incentives for purchase and encourage urgency by using countdown timers in your emails and Google ads to push gifting vouchers in the final days. 


Create Campaigns That Appeal To Gift Buyers.

Organised seasonal shoppers start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday, so analyse your BF/CM data to determine where your products sit in terms of gifting categories. Should you be bundling popular items ‘for him’ or ‘for her’ together for Xmas promotions? 

Optimise campaigns to appeal to the gifting market by categorising items into niches around your products such as “gift for runners”, “gifts for make-up fanatics” or “gifts for the person who has everything”. Start to feed these terms into your paid ad campaigns, as well as your website content and change your ad audience types for ads based on who people might be buying gifts for. 



Light’s are on, tree’s are up, shoppers are in full force. At Reload strategy comes first, our marketing plans are always fuelled with data and analysis, follow these quick wins and you’ll sleigh it!