Google AdWords: Making Marketing Measurable

Lord Leverhulme is famously quoted as having said that he knew half of his advertising was wasted; he just didn’t know which half.

No doubt many marketing people over the years have felt the same. Which is why Search Engine Marketing services like Google AdWords are transforming the way brands can approach their marketing – and its measurability.

Now, we’re not about to claim that TV or print advertising is dead. But in an age where every penny spent needs to be tracked and justified, it doesn’t get any easier than with search engine marketing platforms like Google AdWords.

Unlike traditional advertising, which sends out its messages and hopes potential buyers take note, Google AdWords targets buyers when they’re already actively searching for your services. And with pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (rather than every time it shows).

So, if you run an Italian restaurant in Cambridge, you can target people searching for “Italian restaurant Cambridge”, or “Cambridge restaurants”, etc. You can choose exactly how much you’re prepared to pay each time someone to clicks on your ad, and you can set a daily maximum budget for how much you want to spend each day.

…So far, so basic. Where a search engine marketing channel like AdWords comes into its own is the detail with which you can track your spend, your clicks and how those clicks convert into business.

AdWords will show you exactly how much you have spent over your campaign; precisely which keywords consumers have used to find you; which ads people have clicked on and how much each of those clicks cost you. Depending what tracking measures you set up, you can also see how many of those clicks have converted into business (whether it be actual sales, or enquiries/leads/sign-ups, etc) – and therefore exactly how much each of those conversions has cost you in terms of your overall spend on clicks.

So, if your marketing budget is small and you need to prove its worth to your boss, you can’t get better than AdWords. And if you get AdWords qualified SEM experts to help you with it, you should be able to generate a healthy return on investment – which will more than justify the expenditure!