Google Business View: A Restaurant’s Secret Weapon?

If you’ve ever considered creating a virtual tour of your restaurant or been disappointed with the results of your walk-through video, Google Business View is definitely something worth considering.

Have you heard about Google’s “Business View” feature? It’s like Google Street View (y’know the one where you can walk the streets virtually) but indoors. What it means for you is that you can let potential customers check out your restaurant inside and out from their mobile or laptop computer!

But why is it worth considering?…

1. It works in conjunction with Google Maps and integrates into Google Search to make you stand out



2. 360-degree views helps capture the details and atmosphere of your restaurant

3. You can embed the interactive photos on your website


While GBV is a Google product, unlike Google Street View it isn’t Google employees that carry out the photography necessary for the interactive 360 degree panoramic content. Instead, its Google licensed (or certified) photographers and agencies that you’ll need to contact (link below).

Google Business View isn’t cheap – depending on the photographer and size of your restaurant you’re looking at £200 to upwards or £1000 for a particularly large restaurant – but it can be a great way to show off your establishment for those looking to book for a special occasion, to hire out the venue or simply where they’d like to dine out next.



Rick Eliason

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Rick is Reload's most senior SEO expert, and started his digital marketing journey way back in 2007 as an in-house online marketing executive. Now with over three years under his belt at Reload Digital, he handles search and conversion campaigns for a wide range of clients from e-commerce and start-ups to large service-based businesses and not-for-profits.