Reload Round-Up: March 2015

Twitter Introduces Partner Audiences

Twitter has announced partner audiences as a new way for advertisers to reach their desired audiences. You can now target adverts to those who have shown intent off of Twitter by using a partner audience to provide this data. The result is a much expanded reach than traditional Twitter targeting, and has already seen success from brands such as Nestle.

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Google Launches the AdWords App

Google have developed and launched an Android App for AdWords. The app allows you to view key campaign stats and make minor optimisations from your mobile.This app is great news for those who want to be able to check in on their campaigns when away from a desk. Not yet available for iOS devices!

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Facebook Announces Product Ads

Facebook have announced that they are now offering Product Ads to increase sales from advertising. They work similarly to Google Shopping and can be specifically targeted like a normal Facebook campaign. There have already been good results with Product Ads, such as the 20% increase in conversions that Target achieved.

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Google Targets Mobile Friendly Searches

From the 21st April 2015 Google will be using Mobile Friendly websites as a ranking signal for search results. This algorithm change will make sure the most relevant and best websites are showing on mobile searches, and could be a cause for concern for those who do not have a mobile optimised website.

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Instagram Ads now Clickable

Instagram never allowed URLs to open before now, however brand pressure has seem them rethink their strategy. Adverts are now clickable, with certain call to actions such as Donate Now and Order Now being prompted. This is now a much more measurable for marketers, and a welcome change for advertisers.

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  • Google have an 88% Search Market share in 2015.
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