Facebook Demographics – Are Your Customers There?

A very common misconception is that Facebook’s 33 million UK users (that’s over 53% of the population!) are all teenagers and University students. As a result, businesses targeting older users have steered clear from featuring Facebook in their online strategy on the basis that they do not believe their customers are there.

In reality, the 13-24 age group makes up 37.5% of users, a very similar percentage to that made up by over 35s. There are even almost as many 45-54 year old users as there are 13-17 year old users. Furthermore, the average age is only set to increase as the generation that has grown up with social media get older. So with 12,243,000 Facebook users over the age of 35%, there is huge potential for businesses not targeting the youth market.

One rapidly growing segment is the so-called ‘Social Media Mums’. There are now almost 6.5 million women over the age of 35 using Facebook, and they are an increasingly active group. Although women and men both average 130 friends, women have 55% more posts on their walls.

But how do you find your precise target market within that 6.5 million 35+ women? You can use Facebook advertising to establish and develop your Facebook presence and attract your target market specifically. Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to hone your campaigns so that they only show to exactly the sort of people you want to see them.

Let’s say for example that you are a not-for-profit organisation looking for skilled volunteers, perhaps mothers with grown up kids who are wanting to use their abilities in the charity sector. You may want to target women in the UK, who are 35+ and specifically list supporting charities and volunteering in their interests – and you’ll discover that there are 65,000 people that match this criteria.

But why not take it further and hyper-target your campaign: add the criteria of being a university graduate and you’ll be targeting 23,160 women, and also add being married to the criteria and you have narrowed your targeting down to the 8,780 people on Facebook (out of over 33 million) that you want to see your adverts. This means that you’re not wasting money on ‘hit and hope’ tactics or throwing your marketing budget into an advertising wishing well.

So, whatever your target market, they are on Facebook and your business can reach them!

Paul Jackson

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With almost a decade of experience in digital marketing, both in-house and agency-side, Paul is a CIM qualified Chartered Marketer with expertise and a refreshing approach. Paul’s experience with a diverse mix of brands in a wide range of industries has allowed him to see first-hand the importance of a tailored and business-oriented approach to marketing.