How To Get a Job at Reload Digital in London

Over the last eight years, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of growing digital agencies on opposite sides of the world. A few years back, that led me to write an article on “How to get a job at Reload” in our Australian office, as more and more candidates were applying for every role and finding the right type of people for Reload became a key reason why we’d achieved the success we had.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m now based in our London office, and the stakes have risen again. We regularly receive over 200 applicants for each of our positions, and identifying which of those are right for Reload is key to the next stage of our growth.

However, for those looking to get a job at Reload Digital, there’s a silver lining; only about 5% of applicants typically take the time to customise their application to suit the job. Just by reading this article and applying a few of these tips, you’re giving yourself a massive boost to your chances of getting an interview.

Every company will be looking for something different in their applicants, but at Reload we emphasise getting people with the right attitude to succeed, and so we provide this guide to help identify those unique “Reloader” traits.

Customise Your Application

This might sound obvious but well over 90% of the applications we receive are quite obviously a standard CV and cover letter, with the name of the job title and company simply pasted in. What we look for in a cover letter and resume is a clear indication that the person has read our job ad, read up a little on our business, and then decided to make the effort to apply for a role with us.

Pretty simply, we want to see that the applicant wants "a job at Reload", and not just "a job"

Pretty simply, we want to see that the applicant wants “a job at Reload” and not just “a job.”

Without any form of customisation, it’s almost impossible for us to distinguish which category you fall into, so take the time to show us.

Stand Out

With 200 applicants per role, if your resume is the standard Microsoft Word template then grabbing the attention of a busy manager is going to be tough. As a rule of thumb, you should never send your application in Microsoft Word format, because depending upon the system used by the person reviewing it, the formatting tends to go a little strange. If you must send a document, make sure it’s PDF.

However, you should try and offer something that showcases the creativity and passion you’d bring to the role, and is relevant to the role you’re applying for.

One successful candidate applied via fortune cookie, with the URL of his resume printed on the fortune

For example, successful applicants with us in the past have provided video applications, websites, PowerPoints, Prezis, soundclouds, nicely Photoshop-designed resumes and even an application via Fortune Cookies that when opened, had the URL of their customised resume printed on the fortune!

You don’t have to be brilliant at design to make this work, you just have to show a little ingenuity and creativity, exactly the traits Reload looks for.

Digital Marketing Experience is No Longer Unique

Another common paragraph is the well worn “I’d be well suited to this role because I have…”

  • “Interned as a social media executive”
  • “Ran some digital ads as part of my uni course”
  • “Performed digital marketing at my last job”

When we first started out eight years ago, that sort of experience was unique and a genuine advantage. Nowadays, almost 90% of our applicants have some form of digital marketing experience, whether that’s from previous jobs, uni or interning. Just having the experience is no longer unique.

What we like to see is what you’ve learnt about digital, how you think about it now, and how you keep up with what is an ever-changing digital landscape. As you’ll see if you browse our website, we approach digital marketing from a business perspective, not a “techy” one, and we want to see that you understand the business implications of digital, not just the buzzwords.

One Last Thing…

All this might seem daunting but by simply getting to the bottom of this article, and implementing what’s outlined above, you’re going to be in the top 5% of applicants right away.

Getting a job is a competitive process, and at Reload we’ve been lucky enough to grow to over 500 clients and 70 staff worldwide. We’ve done that because we have a group of awesome people who know how to make digital marketing work for their clients. We know that to keep growing and exceeding our clients’ expectations, we need to keep hiring more awesome people.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to apply for a job at Reload Digital, please head over to our Careers Page or apply through one of our open job ads on Indeed or Reed.