Reload Round-Up (30 September 2013)

The 7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy


Author: Brian Solis
Date Published: 17th 07 2013
Link: The 7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy
Description: A great article echoing much of what we say to clients when it comes to developing a social media strategy. Everything needs to start with the objectives – and by that, we mean the overall business objectives. It’s so important not to forget that social activity must be aligned with and drive towards business goals. Otherwise you will never get the buy-in, investment or results.

Instagram Video: How Brands are Using Their 15 Seconds

Author: Allison Peltz
Date Published: 22nd July 2013
Link: Instagram Video: How Brands are Using Their 15 Seconds
Description: A really interesting article on the use of the new Instagram video app by leading brands.The Instagram app challenges Twitter’s short video app, Vine. The main difference being Instagram allows for 15 seconds of recording time (Twitter allows 6 seconds) allowing brands over twice the time to market their products. The article gives video examples from the likes of Nike,Burberry and MTV- which provide some great insights in how to use the app for effective video marketing

Come closer – we want to tell you a story

Author: Vertical Leap
Date Published: 19 July 2013
Link: Come closer – we want to tell you a story
Description: I love this…content marketing done right. This is a quirky and memorable idea to promote your content with fair and personality. You don’t often see this effort and imagination in newsletters.

Facing up to the Facebook Challenge

Author: Lou Cooper
Date Published: 25th of July 2013
Link: Facing up to the Facebook Challenge
Description: In the fashion and beauty industries, numerous brands have hundreds of thousands or even millions of Facebook followers – but they are only engaging with a very small percentage of them in most instances. This article runs through who is performing well and who is falling short, as well as key tips and approaches for engaging and effective content.

Introducing LinkedIn Sponsored Updates


Author: David Hahn
Date Published: July 23 2013
Link: Introducing LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
Description: LinkedIn are introducing ‘Sponsored Updates’ which will enable businesses to have their updates appear in the News Feeds of LinkedIn users who they are not connected with. It could be a highly useful outreach tool for B2B businesses and recruiters to put themselves in front of their target marketers.