Google’s Privacy Policy Update

As you may well have heard, Google has recently announced changes to its Privacy Policy. But what does this mean? Here’s the who, what, when and why:


The main privacy policy change will affect users who have an account with Google.


Over 60 separate Google privacy policies have been streamlined into just one. This will be applicable globally across Google’s offerings including Gmail, Google+, Youtube and Google search. Google announced this, stating “we’re rolling out a new main privacy policy that covers the majority of our products and explains what information we collect, and how we use it in a more readable way.”

Having been subject to scrutiny over the sharing of users’ data previously, Google has stated that the new single policy will serve to provide users with increasingly relevant search results. Furthermore, it will allow for more specific targeting of adverts for users of Google Adwords. As Google put it, “if you’re signed into Google, we can do things like suggest search queries, or tailor your search results, based on the interests you’ve expressed in Google+, Gmail and YouTube.”


The changes in the privacy policy will be rolled out globally.


This is due to be implemented on 1st March

Paul Jackson

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With almost a decade of experience in digital marketing, both in-house and agency-side, Paul is a CIM qualified Chartered Marketer with expertise and a refreshing approach. Paul’s experience with a diverse mix of brands in a wide range of industries has allowed him to see first-hand the importance of a tailored and business-oriented approach to marketing.