Google calls on Reload Digital as top UK agency

Want to know what one of Google’s top partner agencies recommends for your digital strategies? Want to work with the agency Google UK calls on to speak at its events and give feedback on its new innovations? Then stick with us!

Yes – we know it’s not terribly British to brag. But when Google asks you to be on a panel sharing your ‘7 Habits of a Successful Agency’ to a room of 200 people, it would be crazy not to shout about it.

Paul Jackson from Reload Digital at Google Engage for Agencies' 'Box Of Tricks' Event

Reload Digital chosen from 8,000 agencies

Reload Digital was picked from 8,000 agencies in the UK to talk about the best practices of a great agency – and Paul Jackson, our resident PPC guru, set the social networks alight with his tips and tricks on maximising ROI and meeting client objectives, not to mention having some fun along the way!

Speaking with Google

It’s not the first time we’ve featured in Google’s events either. Back in November, Paul also took part in a Google-organised Hangout with marketing superstar Seth Godin. Our Australian team have been in on the act too, with Paul Goldston, Reload’s Head of ROI, touring Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland to impart his encyclopaedic knowledge of leveraging Google+ for businesses. (Clearly if you are called Paul and work at Reload, Google want you on their panel!)

Check out Paul Jackson’s summary of Google’s event in our next blog. And note his modesty.

Sorry Paul – this is one we want to shout about!