10 Takeaway Stats From the Google AdWords Community Summit

Didn’t make it to the AdWords Community Summit 2014 in London this month? Here’s a belated run-down of some of the highlights, including 10 takeaway stats from the event. Thanks specifically to Gareth Morgan, Google’s Director EMEA Advertiser Services; Sai Chand, a Google Implementation Specialist; and Jack Porter-Smith, a Community Top Contributor for the following nuggets of information. And to the Google crew for putting on a great event.

  • The UK advertising market is forecast to grow faster than any other in Western Europe.
  • It’s expected to reach £13.7 billion by 2015.
  • Within this figure, there’s a massive 15.6% YOY growth for digital.
  • £1 in every six is now spent on digital advertising.
  • Mobile ad spend is expected to break £1 billion this year.
  • However, as many as 40% of mobile views still result in a purchase that’s ultimately made through desktop.
  • 96% of people leave a website without converting.
  • 70% of people abandon their cart.
  • 49% of people visit two to four sites before purchase
  • 75% of local business leads come from calls.

An eclectic collection of takeaways, I’ll admit. But each fed into functionality updates from Google across its Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing platforms, as well as the newly launched Google My Business. Clearly the Search giant is bullish about the remaining potential in the market for digital advertising, with small to medium sized businesses remaining a key target.

The recent launch of Google My Business as well as ongoing updates to the Google Enterprise tools (such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Hangouts) highlights the efforts being made to woo sceptical or reluctant business owners with easy, “all-in-one” solutions that will make it simpler than ever to leverage the benefits available with Google.

Any other key highlights that anyone thinks I missed?!

If you want to hear any of the presentations from the day, check out the live stream recordings here.

Key Takeaways

  • The online advertising marketing continues to boom, especially across mobile.
  • 96% of people don’t immediately convert on a site – so it’s important to keep reminding them of your products and services before they make their final purchase decision.
  • Local business leads come primarily through phone calls – so it’s critical that companies leverage their Google listings to include correct phone numbers as well as Maps results.