Google+ Insights Launches

Today it was announced that Google Analytics data is now available in brand page dashboards. In a nutshell, the update simply means you can see a basic understanding of your month-on-month movements of New Visits, Unique Visitors and Pageviews for the primary website associated with your Google+ Page.

Analytics in Google plus

How To Set It Up

Click here for Google’s official instructions.

What It Is Not:

  • This update WILL NOT show you any data on your Google Plus activity.
  • This update WILL NOT show additional data about your Google Plus profile in Google Analytics

Pros & Cons

Pro: If you don’t have Google Analytics set up for your website, this is a good reminder to do so

Pro: You can see (very) basic data about your website’s performance without having to log into your Analytics account everytime

Pro: If you are easily overwhelmed with the amount of data in the Analytics package, this is a nice, trimmed down alternative

Con: If you have multiple Google+ page managers (in addition to the page owner) they will have to be granted access to Analytics to be able to see the data

Con: It’s still relatively basic compared with some other insights platforms… Though knowing Google, there will be more to come!

If you are interested in finding out how you can use Google Analytics to find out more about your site’s traffic coming from Google+, check out this post by Daniel Waisberg.

Rick Eliason

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