Google AdWords is one of the fastest and most flexible forms of marketing available – and by using Google AdWords, you have the opportunity to put your brand in front of the 90% of online users in the UK who are searching in Google for products and services such as yours.

Work with a Google Certified Partner

We’re a Google Certified Partner, our PPC marketers are Google AdWords Accredited to an Advanced level and have even been invited to speak at recent Google Conferences and broadcasts.


Having worked with businesses of all sizes, in the UK and internationally and within a broad range of industries, we know how to get the best out of the platform and what aspects will be successful for your business and to meet your objectives.

  • Search Engine Advertising: Maximise your visibility in the Google Search Results by ensuring your company is as visible as possible when searchers are looking for the products or services you offer.
  • Display Advertising: Target image and Flash adverts across the Google Display Network, reaching internet users with specific interests and demographics. Increase your reach, spread your message and increase you brand awareness.
  • TrueView: Video advertising on YouTube is also run through the Google AdWords  platform. Running on a Pay Per View basis, TrueView is an effective channel for brand awareness.
  • Remarketing: Market to the people who have already visited your site, whether they didn’t purchase and you’d like another chance to convince them, or if you’d like to promote a sale, new product or offer to the people you know are familiar with your brand and likely to return.
  • Product Listing Adverts: Show images and descriptions of your specific products to searchers seeking out what you offer – an ideal way to get your products in front of people, and shown to produce higher click-through-rates.

We’ll report on this to you in a transparent and easy to understand format, using your Analytics to track sales, enquiries and more, so that you can understand what return on investment your campaign is delivering.

What our Clients Say

School of Wok

"Thanks to the strategies implemented by Reload we have seen a considerable increase in our sales. We’ve worked with different agencies in the past and Reload stands head and shoulders above the rest."

Jeremy Pang, Founder & Head Chef - School of Wok

Hudson Shoes

"Reload have been great to work with, and have achieved impressive year-on-year improvements both in terms of visitors and bottom line revenue. We have developed a close working relationship with the team and value their input as an extended member of the Hudson marketing family."

Jonathan Dicks, Technical Director - Hudson Shoes

Joel and Son

"Reload Digital has perfected the art of digital marketing and customer service, their friendly approach and think outside the box mindset make them the only digital marketing solution you need."

Coby Bull, eCommerce Director - Joel and Son Fabrics

Keen to learn more about Google Adwords?

Read our FAQs below, get in touch on 020 7734 8273 or fill in the form below.

  • What are the costs involved in Google AdWords?

    Your investment in Google AdWords advertising is in 2 areas:

    • Monthly management cost
    • Advertising spend (paid directly to Google AdWords via credit card or direct debit)

    Monthly Management

    This covers the ongoing maintenance, improvement, updating and expansion that is crucial to the success of Google Analysis, as well as regular reporting and insights.

    Marketing agencies have a range of cost structures, such as changing their clients a percentage of the advertising spend. However, at Reload Digital we charge fixed monthly fees so that you know exactly what you are spending each month and there is no incentive to fully spend or expand your budget unnecessarily. We also do not charge initial set up fees to build your campaigns on top of the monthly management fee.

    Advertising Spend

    You’re advertising spend can be a fixed amount each month or there is always the possibility to increase or decrease the spend depending on seasonality, peak periods, sales and promotions, increasing interest in your brand, etc. This amount can be quickly changed at any time.

    Management costs and advertising spend are determined by the complexity and scale the campaigns and how competitive your industry is online. Simply get in touch in touch to discuss the most suitable investment to achieve your business goals.

  • What do you do once the campaign has been built and launched?

    With Google AdWords advertising it is vitally important that continual analysis, improvements, expansion, honing and updating of campaigns is taking place. This includes is implementing regularly launched new features, developing new campaigns for sales, promotions and new products/services, or continually working to increase your ROI and reduce your cost per sale/lead. This ongoing development, improvement and split testing allows us to get more and more out of your investment for you, fully justifying the need for monthly management.

    In addition, our experience team will also provide regular updates, insights to fuel you’re your broader marketing decisions, and monthly reports to fully detail how your investment is being utilised and what the returns and achievements towards your business goals has been each month.

  • What does our business and website need to get started with Google AdWords Advertising?

    A website with an enquiry form, checkout process, or other desired actions for visitors (such as app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, or content views) is all you need to begin with. From here there are a handful of elements that require setting up and these are listed below:

    • Accounts with each selected advertising platform
    • Google Analytics account
    • Tracking of enquiry forms, checkout process, or other actions
    • Addition of other tracking codes to your website as necessary, such as for Remarketing or Google Shopping adverts
    • Potential for creation of customised Landing Pages to direct your advertising traffic to

    If the above items are not already in place then we can simply implement them for you where possible or guide you through the processes. Or if everything above is already set up, then we have extensive experience in working from existing accounts and managing handovers.

  • How long does it take to get started?

    The time it takes to build a Google AdWords campaign, implement full tracking and launch depends on the size and complexity of a campaign. However, campaigns of small and medium size businesses are typically ready to go live within 2 weeks. Extensive campaigns for large and multi-national businesses typically take 2-4 weeks to prepare. These timeframes can be reduced or extended depending on the response times of your web designers or technical team putting in place the required tracking codes.

    Once launched your Google AdWords adverts will go through an approval process that is completed within 24 hours, and your adverts will then be visible and will begin to gather data on initial performance levels. From here we will be able to analyse the campaigns and make informed decisions to continually develop and improve the advertising performance towards your business goals.

  • What results can I expect?

    Reload Digital’s focus is firstly on understanding your business and your objectives, budgets and timeframes. From here we are able to forecast the potential reach, traffic, and sales/enquiries/other goals that are achievable, with the aim of allowing you to understand the potential returns on your investment and how Google AdWords can help achieve your business goals.

    The key driver of our ongoing management and continual optimisation of your campaigns and website is to create notable year on year improvements. Get in touch to discuss you objectives and the results that your business could achieve.

  • What about Bing and Yahoo?

    Bing and Yahoo hold approximately 10% of the UK search engine market share. This has very slowly increased in recent years as Bing in particular has become the default search engine for many programmes, browsers and operating systems. Advertising on Bing and Yahoo is therefore a very logical way to increase your advertising reach by up to 10%.

    Furthermore, advertising competition is less fierce on Bing and Yahoo, and therefore the advertising costs are typically slightly lower than on Google AdWords. It is certainly a recommended extension of your search engine advertising activities.

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