Reload’s accredited and professional team can create, implement and manage high-performing PPC campaigns that target your customers with the right marketing messages at the right time.

When are Pay Per Click ads the right choice?

If you’re looking to achieve sales and enquiries, build brand awareness or drive campaigns and promotions, then Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising could be right for you.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to PPC advertising, so choosing the right channels and using them in the most effective way is crucial to achieving your specific objectives and within your budget. The following characteristics make PPC advertising a highly valuable marketing activity for your business:

  • Instant – Once a campaign has been created, your ads can instantly begin to show to your audience, making it the ideal option for those looking for immediate results.
  • Flexible – PPC advertising is customisable to your needs – budgets, targeting, ad copy and many more elements can be changed at the click of a button. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility with your campaigns on a day-to-day basis, responding to changing market conditions.
  • Targeted – From precise location and demographic targeting to keyword and interest targeting, you can be sure that only your chosen audience is seeing your ads and messaging.
  • Measurable – PPC advertising is one of the most measurable marketing methods – from sales, enquiries, conversion rates and revenue to Click Through Rate, Cost Per Click and traffic quality – you can assess exactly how your campaigns are performing, how your budget is being spent and what the return is.

Advantages of working with Reload

  • Team of hand-picked, passionate, data driven marketing experts.
  • Clear, insightful reporting.
  • Easy to understand communication at all times.
  • Ongoing catch ups and work in progress meetings.
  • Collaborative approach to achieving YOUR digital marketing goals (not ours).
  • Early access to Google product betas.
  • Ongoing education and training for you and your team (if required).
  • We look at your bigger picture business goals as opposed to just the pay per click advertising silo.
  • Access the different specialisations of over 70+ marketers as opposed to a single individual.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Be found on the UK's number one search engine, by advertising on the exact search terms your customers are actually using.

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Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Target users by age, gender, employment, interests, location and much more across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social channels.

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Display Ads

Display Ads

Reach potential customers right across the web on a range of sites, devices and social channels. Sizes and formats vary, giving you creative freedom.

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Retargeting users who've previously visited and engaged with your site in some way, encouraging them to return to complete their purchase or enquiry.

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Client Stories

We've delivered tailored PPC campaigns to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
See what some of our clients have had to say.

"Reload Digital has perfected the art of digital marketing and customer service, their friendly approach and think outside the box mindset make them the only digital marketing solution you need."

"Thanks to the strategies implemented by Reload we have seen a considerable increase in our sales. We’ve worked with different agencies in the past and Reload stands head and shoulders above the rest."

"Reload have been great to work with, and have achieved impressive year-on-year improvements both in terms of visitors and bottom line revenue. We have developed a close working relationship with the team and value their input as an extended member of the Hudson marketing family."

Want to learn more about Pay Per Click advertising?

See our FAQs below and get in touch on 020 7734 8273 or fill in the form below.

  • What are the costs involved in Pay Per Click advertising?

    Your investment in PPC advertising consists of:

    • A monthly management cost
    • Your advertising spend, which is paid directly to the advertising platforms (e.g. Google Adwords or Bing/Yahoo advertising).

    At Reload Digital we have no set up fees and don’t charge based on a percentage of your advertising spend, so our interests are in achieving your business goals and not just spending and increasing your budget.

    You can set a fixed advertising spend each month that fits with your budgets and this can be increased or decreased at any time in line with your requirements and any seasonality, promotions or peak periods.

    Management costs and advertising spend are entirely scalable and are determined by the size and complexity of the campaigns and the competitiveness of your vertical. Simply get in touch in touch to discuss.

  • What do you do once the campaign has been built and launched?

    With PPC advertising it is crucial to be continually analysing, improving, expanding and updating your campaigns. So whether it is implementing the latest features, creating new campaigns for sales, promotions and new products/services, or continually working to increase your ROI and reduce your cost per sale/lead, it’s the ongoing development, improvement and split testing that allows you to get more and more out of your investment.

    Our team of specialists have years of experience in managing campaigns to achieve businesses’ objectives whilst also providing you with valuable insights, regular updates and jargon-free performance reports so that you know your investment is in safe hands and working hard for you.

  • What does my business and website need to get started with Pay Per Click advertising?

    You will require a website with an enquiry form, checkout process, or other desired actions for visitors, such as app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, or content views. If you don’t have these, we can help.

    There are a number of other elements listed below that are important to PPC advertising, and if you have them already we can work with your existing accounts, or if you don’t have them then we can set them up for you or guide you through the process.

    • Accounts with each selected advertising platform
    • Google Analytics account
    • Tracking of enquiry forms, checkout process, or other actions
    • Addition of other tracking codes to your website as necessary, such as for Remarketing or Google Shopping adverts
    • Potential for creation of customised Landing Pages to direct your advertising traffic to
  • How long does it take to get started?

    Depending on the size and complexity of a PPC campaign, we are typically ready to launch within 2 weeks of your agreement to go ahead. This timeframe can be even shorter or can be longer depending on the response times of your web designers or technical team implementing the necessary tracking codes.

    Upon launching your campaigns the adverts will go through an approval process that takes less than 24 hours. Your campaigns will then be visible and starting to gather data. Once a suitable amount of data has been gathered to enable us to make informed decisions, our campaign optimisation work can step up even further.

  • What results can I expect?

    At Reload Digital we take a business approach to marketing. We discuss your objectives, budgets and timeframes and forecast the potential reach, website visitors, and sales/enquiries/other goals to give you a clear indication of the outcomes you could achieve.

    With ongoing management and continual improvement of your campaigns we strive for notable year on year improvements. Get in touch to discuss your objectives and the results that your business could achieve.

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