Google Partners Launch Event – and What Will be big in PPC in 2014


Google UK launched its new Google Partners programme in typically cool style at MC Motors in East London yesterday.


The venue, in London’s trendy Dalston

Around 200 of the UK’s top agencies, including Reload Digital, packed into the Google-ified venue to hear from the Search giant’s head honchos about how Partners has been created to help agencies grow their clients’ businesses – and their own in the process.


Fintan Gillespie, Google’s Industry Head, Performance, gives his tips on what will be big for AdWords in 2014

Big Bets for PPC in 2014

Also shared were Google’s big tips for PPC in 2014:

  • Multi-screen campaigns & analytics – 90% of people switch devices during a purchase process. New tools within AdWords are allowing brands and agencies to more accurately estimate conversions that resulted from PPC ads, even if the purchase path spanned numerous screens. Look out in 2014 for a tool that will enable store visits resulting from ads to be tracked.
  • Audience is going to be core – and by 2020 is likely to be bigger than traditional search ads. Google’s big bet is on Remarketing Lists for Search – which allows brands to customise their search ads for people who have previously visited the site. This might mean increasing bids for previous visitors, or showing them different ads based on the pages they previously viewed. According to Google, CPAs can be as much as 48% lower than traditional search ads.
  • Foreign opportunities – the Britain’s Retail e-mpire’ study predicts a x7 increase in online sales generated by UK retailers in international markets by 2020. As we know from several of Reload’s clients – AdWords has opened up incredible opportunities, even for the smallest of businesses, to effectively target foreign markets.
  • Engagement ads – this new form of AdWords ad gives users the choice to opt in, and consequently attracts more engagement. These ads ‘pop up’ in a lightbox when users hover over them for 2 seconds, and can open up to a full catalogue or to video content. Expect to see a lot more of this in 2014.
  • Measurable branding campaigns – Google has been experimenting with Brand Surveys, which measure consumers’ brand recall based on the ads they have been shown. Currently it is being tested in YouTube against TrueView ads – but will be coming to AdWords in order to allow companies to test and quantify the effect of branding campaigns.

Party Time!

After the serious stuff was over, it was time for some Google fun! Guests were able to design their own Android T-shirts, compete in the ‘Chrome Maze’ for a Nexus 7, get stuck in to some gin tasting and choose from a range of food including pulled pork sandwiches, mini burgers and frozen yoghurt with a choice of toppings.


Afterwards, everyone hits the bar!


Reload’s Ed gets his Google on!




Cara has a go with Google Glass!


The morning after: Cara & Ed show off their personalised Android T-shirts in the office!