4 Effortless Ways To Use Video with Zero Budget!!

Video is a great way to get engagement and nurture an audience through a website and social media channels. SME’s often feel that video is a step beyond them and don’t consider it as a viable marketing option. For this reason I decided to document four simple but effective ways of using video without worrying about budget.

Tip Number 1: Use your smartphone

A simple one, but I often hear people using the excuse ‘I don’t want the expenditure of expensive video equipment’! All of the recent smartphones have excellent HD cameras. Engaging video production is literally at your fingertips! Make use of what you have!


Tip Number 2: Make use of Instagram Video and Vine

We all know that when it comes to the internet, people’s attention spans are equal to that of a goldfish’s memory! Instagram Video (3 to 15 seconds) and Vine ( up to 6 and a half seconds) don’t allow you to bore people for too long and they are nicely compatible with the social media platforms. Check out this awesome infographic by www.ebuzzing.com which nicely compares each platform.

Instagram + Vine

Their stop-motion functionality  can be a very interesting and artistic way of engaging people. Here’s a nice example of how Nike used Instagram video to portray the new design and functionality of their new running trainer! Yes even the marketing giants use free video services!!!

Let's meet the Nike #FreeFlyknit and its revolutionary second-skin fit.

A video posted by The Run Dept. (@nikerunning) on

Tip Number 3: Use Snapchat! Yes Really! A very direct way of marketing!


Snapchat allows the user to take a picture (with the option of annotations), or record a short video, and send it to friends or whoever they are connected to. The beauty of Snapchat is that once the image/video has been opened and viewed, the message is gone, deleted and never to be seen again. Now there is a reason why the owners of SnapChat turned down the $3 Billion bid from Facebook to buy the platform. ‘Smart’ marketers have worked out that if brands can build a ‘Snapchat’ following, they then have a database that offers more direct marketing opportunity than Email! There are no tricky filters to get passed and the thought process is – why wouldn’t someone open a message that is due to self-destruct in matter of seconds after opening it!? Where is the risk in that?

How do you build your contact list? – Easy, invite people to add your brand through your existing social media profiles, through email campaigns, though your website and in-store. Also, try adding an incentive, ‘please send us your most fun and fantastic snaps to win an awesome prize! One awesome prize for a picture and two awesome prizes for a video!’

One thing to keep in mind! – Snapchat is meant to be fun and light hearted. This platform won’t suit every brand and their audience. However it should if your audience are cool, hip and regular snappers! Keep your messaging light-hearted and fun! Make sure that you audience has a reason to open your Snaps!

There are many great examples of how brands can and have used Snapchat, here’s one of the the better ones:



Tip Number 4 : Google Hangouts on Air


If you or your clients have never heard of Snapchat then maybe this channel will be more to your liking. For many b2b companies, webinars have been at the forefront of their content strategies for long time now. Google Hangouts on Air, allow an added functionality which isn’t available on traditional webinar platforms such as GoToWebinar or BrightTalk. The beauty about what Google offer is that it’s a video chat service where an unlimited number of people can join your conference and up to 10 can actively participate – and the kicker, its FREE! This allows you the functionality to give an impressive live presentation and offer your audience so much more than a standard ‘PowerPoint’ presentation with an uninspiring voice over! Further to this, it can be streamed live to your YouTube channel and then also recorded for later viewing. This means that your content is findable on the world’s second largest search engine (YouTube) and of course Google itself! Not bad for a totally free service.

For those of you that haven’t herd of Google Hangouts, maybe you will have heard of US President Barrack Obama? He loves them!


Key Takeaways

  • Use your smartphone, you don’t need expensive production services or equipment!
  • Use Instagram Video or Vine, quick arty videos for short attention spans!
  • Try direct marketing with Snapchat, appeal to your fun audience without email filters
  • Google Hangouts on Air, add a face and personality to your webinars! Be instantly searchable and findable!

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