Mobile Payment Is Coming!

Mobile Wallet and Mobile MoneyFollowing on from our last post on Mobile Marketing, there’s yet more data out to suggest that mobiles really are where everything is ‘going to be at’ in the next few years.

Six months ago, we saw the arrival of Google Wallet, the search giant’s version of a cashless payment system which will see us all swiping our phones over readers to make our purchases. And Google isn’t the only one launching smartphone-based systems designed to do away with our cash and credit cards.

A new report out by PayPal suggests that by 2016, ‘mobile money’ will be the payment method of choice on high streets up and down the country. According to 9 out of 10 senior execs at major retailers, ‘digital money’ will be accepted within four years. Indeed, half of them believe the switch-over could happen within three years.

Think you ‘couldn’t cope’ without your mobile already? It’s only going to get more valuable as time goes on…!

And for digital marketers looking to connect with potential customers, the formerly humble mobile is going to become a vital gateway to consumers at that crucial moment of purchase.