Reload Round-Up: July 2014

Twitter introduces Tweet Activity Dashboard

Twitter Activity DashboardJust like in Facebook, you can now view the performance of each of your posts on Twitter, including impressions, clicks, favourites and retweets. This is a fantastic addition (albeit catching up with the likes of Facebook rather than moving ahead) and will be of great help to marketers in determining which tweets and content are performing strongest.

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Google Places becomes Google My Business

Google My BusinessThis new update from Google gathers your different Google business presences (e.g. Google Maps and Google+) into one place for easier management. In addition, there is also access to more data and statistics than any of the individual properties had themselves. Not a game changer, but a nice tidy up!

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Mobile set to Overtake PCs for Google Searches in 2014

Mobile vs DesktopGoogle’s Matt Cutt’s has announced that he is expecting to see mobile search queries exceeding desktop search queries this year. We’ve lost count of how many years have been set to be ‘the year of mobile’, but it looks like mobile is finally nudging ahead of desktop in 2014.

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Pinterest Rolls out ‘Promoted Pins’ Test

Promoted PinsPinterest is working with a select group of brands in the US to trial its paid-for pins in its search and category feeds. This feature is expected to work in a similar way to Promoted Tweets on Twitter, and could present a greater opportunity for businesses to leverage Pinterest with faster effect.

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Google AdWords Rolling out Targeting based on Parent Status

Google AdWordsIn the US, Google is testing the feature to be able to target ads based on whether or not someone is a parent. This could be a crucial addition for all sorts of brands who consider parents to be a key target audience. Keep your eyes peeled for this coming to the UK!

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Sources for Statistics in the Reload Round-up Email Newsletter:

  • 96% of people leave a website without converting. Source: Google AdWords Community Summit
  • Mobile ad spend is expected to break 1bn in 2014. Source: Google AdWords Community Summit
  • A 1 second page load delay can cut conversions by 7%. Source: Kissmetrics – http://blog.kissmetrics.com/loading-time/
  • Globally there are 2billion PCs and 5billion mobile devices. Source: Google AdWords Community Summit


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