Breaking Into Digital Marketing – An Intern’s First Steps

Our intern Awaise Hyder has just completed his forth month with us, lending a helping hand and learning the ropes within a digital marketing agency. The following is his story so far…

I am currently marking my 4 month anniversary of employment in the digital marketing industry, albeit as an intern. I’ve been right through the whole education system, from school to college and now, even in my final few months at university, it still astounds me how much more there is to learn outside of the academic environment. Marketing is always where I wanted to go, the psychological side of it never ceased to intrigue me; from store layouts to colour coded campaigns, I knew it was what I wanted to do since our first marketing class in college. But through digital marketing lectures and both my current internships, I’m seeing not a whole new avenue of marketing, but an entire universe which, up until the beginning of third year, was completely unbeknownst to me.

For me, marketing has always been the department which forms the basis of a company, in other words, a company would be in a far worse position in the absence of a marketing department over any other department. This view has only accentuated since working with the masterminds of Reload Digital. The transition between academia to professionalism was always a slight fear of mine, but I’ve been humbled by the generosity and understanding at Reload, as well as my other company.

Digital marketing is such a meticulous and intricate game, which made the learning curve very steep, but it’s been manageable so far. To be honest it was helped by the fact that I managed to acquire, perhaps unknowingly to Reload, a Google pen on my first day. It was just purple pen with the Google logo, but it was the item which cemented the beginning of my first professional role, whilst turning some jealous heads during lectures!

One thing about digital marketing is that social media plays a significant role within it, which aided my understanding of how it works. In saying that, I used to think that social media was core to the construct of digital marketing before starting work here. I had heard of SEO, PPC and email marketing, but didn’t think they were as huge as I now know them to be.

It was the amalgamation of my leisurely activities online and what I’m currently learning about in class that eased my entry to digital marketing, but with every door I open, another two doors present themselves. This is what I love about the industry so far, there’s so much that I’ve yet to learn in an industry which has so many dark areas within it. Also, the wide range of skills needed to make a digital marketing campaign successful is another upside that I’ve come across. The more skilled the workforce is, the better the outcome of a campaign. The option to divert into any of the wide range of specialities in digital marketing is what justifies the field for me. This not only amplified the changeability and diversification of the field, but also helped me to see the effectiveness of teamwork in the workplace. The Reload team is relatively small, yet the countless skills and capabilities in our office is just immense.

With regards to the future, I can only talk out of inexperience and mention the growing Impact of mobile marketing. At the risk of repeating sections of my dissertation, I think that social media and mobile technology is not the next step in communication, rather the contextual evolution of communication. Ever-advancing technologies were always going to have an effect on human communication. Dare i say it, it was meant to be. This will probably be the next big step for marketers.

An idea that I’ve had is that marketers will turn to one of the most abundant resources in city environments for the next-next big marketing platform: glass. Buildings are everywhere, and they all have glass windows, glass doors, the works. I think one day, scientists will be able to replicate the one-way viewing of blacked-out windows on to glass, so when people walk past shops or office blocks, they’ll be faced with video adverts, either national or just of the company behind the glass. It makes sense to me, but the pragmatism of the idea is up for discussion. And if the new Google offices at Kings Cross have a little pen dispenser than that wouldn’t be half bad either.

Rick Eliason

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Rick is Reload's most senior SEO expert, and started his digital marketing journey way back in 2007 as an in-house online marketing executive. Now with over three years under his belt at Reload Digital, he handles search and conversion campaigns for a wide range of clients from e-commerce and start-ups to large service-based businesses and not-for-profits.