Importing Your Google AdWords Campaigns to Bing Ads

If you’re running an effective Pay Per Click ad campaign on Google AdWords, you’ll already be reaching out to a wide audience of potential customers for your business. But an often overlooked and worthwhile channel is Bing and Yahoo! ads. You can extend the reach of your ads and target additional and relevant web users on these search engines in exactly the same way you do on Google AdWords. What’s more, since a recent update, it’s now easier than ever to get started.

You can now simply import your existing Google Adwords campaigns into Bing Ads without the need to export CSV files from Google AdWords Editor and upload them into Bing Ads – which often requires subsequent amendments due to compatibility issues. The same process is also possible via Bing Ads’ Desktop Editor, and it is no longer in beta and is now much more reliable. (If you haven’t downloaded the desktop editor, you can do so here.)

Bing Ads Web Editor

Bing Ads Desktop Editor

Having clicked on one of the buttons marked above, all you need to do is enter your AdWords credentials and follow the steps you’re guided through, and all your selected campaigns will be imported. If there are any compatibility issues you’ll have the opportunity to fix them, but in our experience to date, it’s been a lot smoother on this front than uploading a CSV.

Bing Ads recommends that if you optimise your campaign in AdWords you should remember to keep re-importing the campaign to ensure the updates are in place on both platforms. However, Google users’ behaviour can often differ notably from that of Bing and Yahoo! users, for example as Yahoo! has a slightly older user base. Different ad texts and calls to actions may have differing levels of success and different search query variations may also be being used on the different search engines. Therefore, it is recommended that you optimise your Bing and Yahoo! campaigns separately to your Google campaigns, and your actions should not necessarily be replicated across both.

So, especially if your business is already seeing strong levels of traffic and conversions from organic Bing and Yahoo! search, there’s no excuse not to capture more of this audience through PPC advertising.

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Paul Jackson

Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

With almost a decade of experience in digital marketing, both in-house and agency-side, Paul is a CIM qualified Chartered Marketer with expertise and a refreshing approach. Paul’s experience with a diverse mix of brands in a wide range of industries has allowed him to see first-hand the importance of a tailored and business-oriented approach to marketing.